CL Source Interpreter

Sometimes when I am debugging a CL program (usually an OPNQRYF command) I don't want to have to recompile a CL program every time, but I don't want to work entirely from the command line, either. The following program will interpret a CL Source Member. The program is very simple; every line in the source member is read, and the sent to the *EXTERNAL *MSGQ as a *RQS Message. This is followed by a CNLRQS (sent as a *RQS Message), and then QCMD is called. QCMD does all the actual work.

The program is called from the command line with the following parameters:

The program call looks like this:


The following link takes you to the source code, written in ugly OPM CL. The source is distributed under a creative commons license.

cp0050c - CL Source Interpreter

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